6 Best Private Universities in Lagos

So, you’ve either completed secondary school or are about to and you are looking for private universities in Lagos that you will apply to? Step right in, you are at the right source for information on the best private universities in Lagos. I didn’t just list out the schools but I provided more details on each of the specific schools to help you make better decisions.

All over the world, private higher institutions are considered the best compared to their public or government-owned counterparts. The best universities in the world are private universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. In global rankings, private universities easily top public ones and this is because of their small class size, cutting-edge facilities, and renowned professors.

Due to these factors, private universities are much more expensive compared to public schools and this is a global thing even here in Nigeria only the wealthy can afford private universities. But it is worth it because your 4 years is 4 years as private schools are not affected by the ASUU strike, unlike public schools where you may spend more than 4 years studying a 4-year course due to the strike.

Also, a degree from a private school is way more recognized and reputable compared to a public university degree. If you want to go to a private university in Nigeria, you will enjoy better curriculums, learn from renowned professors, small class sizes, and cutting-edge facilities.

So, whether you are a parent looking for a private university in Nigeria to enroll your child or you are a secondary school student looking for a private university to go after secondary school, you can start your search from the private universities in Lagos.

Lagos is home to many great universities and it is an incredible place as well filled with many adventures. When you eventually graduate from one of the private universities in Lagos I will be listing here, you will not just be going home with a degree but with a truckload of experience and opportunities to explore and realize your academic and career ambitions.

What is the Cheapest Private University in Lagos

Which Private University Does Not Require JAMB?

Madonna University is one of the private universities in Nigeria that does not require JAMB. Yes, there are more than one and in case you don’t know this already, not every university in the country requires JAMB to assess applicants. Many other private universities in the country do not require JAMB. As shocking as it may seem to you, it is true.

Aside from Madonna University, the other private universities in Nigeria that do not require JAMB are:

  • Crawford University
  • Babcock University
  • Redeemers University
  • Bowen University
  • Pan-Atlantic University
  • Ajayi Crowther University
  • Igbinedion University Okada
  • Al-Hikmah University
  • Caritas University
  • Benson Idahosa University
  • Bingham University
  • Al-Qalam University  

If you are considering furthering your education in a tertiary institution, I suggest that you start researching higher institutions to apply to while you are still in secondary school. This way, you get to start your preparations on time and take your time applying to schools which gives you a higher chance of getting admission – this is one of the best tips for applying to universities in Nigeria.

However, you can still decide to do your research on a Nigerian university to attend after secondary school, it depends on when you intend to go to university. I, for example, didn’t apply for university until one year after secondary school. Since you have already started your search for a university to apply to, I figured you should know this.

Best Private Universities in Lagos

I have handpicked the best private universities in Lagos based on their student-faculty ratio, popularity, and facilities. These universities are:

  • Anchor University
  • Pan-Atlantic University
  • Caleb University
  • Augustine University Ilara-Epe
  • Trinity University
  • Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences

1.     Anchor University

Would you like to study at a university owned by one of the most popular churches in Nigeria and beyond? If yes, then you should be considering Anchor University. It is one of the best private universities in Lagos located at Ayobo, Ipaja, and owned by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry. It is still a young institution as it was only founded in 2014 and does not currently offer many programmes.

Anchor University has three faculties namely; the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences, and the Faculty of Social & Management Sciences. Through these faculties, Anchor University offers a wide range of popular academic degree programs such as accounting, microbiology, computer science, mass communication, history & diplomatic studies, and many others which lead to a bachelor’s degree.

School Website

2.     Pan-Atlantic University

Pan-Atlantic University is one of the best private schools in Lagos located in Lekki, one of the most beautiful, calm places in Lagos, Nigeria. The institution has earned an international and local reputation as an institution that provides world-class education. Their curriculums are developed in collaboration with industry leaders and professional bodies.

The school has the following units:

  • Lagos Business School
  • School of Media & Communication
  • School of Science and Technology
  • School of Management & Social Sciences
  • Institute of Humanities
  • Enterprise Development Center
  • Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art

Through these units, PAU offers world-class programs leading to undergraduate, postgraduate diploma, master’s, and doctoral degree qualifications. Programs offered include MBA, data science, film production, economics, computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, mass communication, management, accounting, and many others.

The school fees vary depending on the courses and the schools offering them.

School Website

3.     Caleb University

Caleb University is a young private university located in Imota, Lagos. It is one of the best private universities in the state, which although is a young institution has made a name among the most reputable private schools in Nigeria. The school’s commitment to teaching, learning, and researching has earned it a consistent ranking on the list of the top 10 most sought-after private universities in Nigeria.

The campus offers a serenity that makes you think you are not in Lagos, it is lush and green and designed to stimulate learning among students. Caleb University offers courses in accounting, industrial chemistry, information systems, physics, cybersecurity, statistics, law, criminology, building, guidance and counseling, mathematics, political science, plant science and biotech, and many others.

School Website

4.     Augustine University Ilara-Epe

If you are a parent reading this blog and you would love for your child to go to a catholic university or if you are a student reading this and you would prefer going to a catholic university, then you should be considering Augustine University. It is one of the best private catholic universities in Nigeria and it is located at Ilara, Epe, Lagos State.

However, Augustine University is small and admits about 200 students per year. If this is something you want, you can go ahead to apply. The faculties within the university are the Faculty of Humanities, Management, and Social Science and the Faculty of Science. Through these faculties, Augustine University offers courses in cybersecurity, mass communication, IT, fisheries, agriculture, biotech, and many more. Fees differ from course to course.

School Website

5.     Trinity University

Trinity University is located in one of the most popular places in Lagos – Yaba. The school has only two faculties, namely; the Faculty of Basic Medical & Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Arts, Management & Social Sciences which recently received full accreditation from the NUC to offer courses in political science, mass comm, economics, English & literary studies, management sciences, computer & information sciences, biological sciences, medical lab science, nursing sciences, and physics with electrons.

School Website

6.     Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences

Eko Unimed, as the above-named university is commonly referred to, is a private medical university located at Klm 28 Badagry Exp, Ojo, Lagos 102101, Lagos. If you want to study medicine or any medical-related course in Lagos and want it to be a private school completely focused on medical-related disciplines, then Eko Unimed is the best place to develop your potential.

Eko University of Medical and Health Sciences, Ojo, Lagos offers courses in medicine & surgery, anatomy, medical biochemistry, pharmacology, and physiology. You can apply for Eko Unimed completely online.

School Website

You might be wondering why you didn’t see universities like Babcock and Redeemers. Well, I hate to break it to you but these universities, although private, are not in Lagos but due to their reputation a lot of people are in Lagos. However, they are in another state that is very close to Lagos State and that is Ogun State.

These two states share boundaries that sometimes people mistake somewhere in Ogun State for Lagos and a place in Ogun for Lagos. I have decided to give you more options so I have made another list below.

Private Universities That are Very Close to Lagos

You see these universities below, they are private universities that are not in Lagos state but are very close. They are specifically located in Ogun State which isn’t very far from Lagos and they are also very good universities too. These universities are:

  • Covenant University
  • Babcock University
  • Christopher University
  • Southwestern University
  • Redeemers University

These are some of the best private universities in Nigeria located in Ogun State and very close to Lagos State. You may want to consider them as you are considering applying for private universities in Lagos.


This is the true and complete list of private universities in Lagos, Nigeria as well as a few that are very close to Lagos. You should do further digging into these universities. Check whether they accept JAMB, have the course you want to study, the cost of acceptance and school fees, and if the environment is conducive for learning.

You can go to the schools in person to get inquiries or you can just contact them via email or phone call.


How many private universities are in Lagos?

There are 6 private universities in Lagos State.

Is LASU a private university?

Lagos State University, LASU, is not a private university. It is a public university.