7 Good Catering Schools In Surulere

In this article, you will learn about some of the notable catering schools in surulere, Nigeria. Catering is a business that deals with event venues, hotels, or entertainment sites.

As we all know food is what people can’t do without not just ordinary food but a nice delicacy yet, catering is not all about cooking nice food but also touches the aspect of hospitality which involves some special skills.

However, for you to learn all these; you will be required to undergo some training at any good catering school near you. For those in Surulere, we’ve featured some of the best catering schools around your area in this article, and also we have written previously on catering schools in Lagos and also catering schools in Port Harcourt.

Catering School Can Open Up More Career Opportunities

By bringing an established skillset from catering school and indicating that you have the wherewithal to work hard and earn a degree – you can be a big draw for hiring chefs. Catering school can also help prove your dedication to food as a career, not just a job.

Reasons to attend catering school: 4 benefits of earning a catering art degree

  • You will learn how to cook beyond basic meals
  • Gain catering experience and certification
  • Gain catering networking opportunities and Jobs
  • Have skills to start your own business in the catering industry

List Of Catering Schools In Surulere

#1. SpeedMeals Culinary Schools

Speedmeal culinary school is one of the best catering schools in surulere and they also offer good catering services in the city. The school aims at providing student chefs with the right training to make them stand out in the catering world.

Aside from catering school activities, SpeedMeals also offer services like cooking, baking, hospitality, and hotel management.

Address: 26 Western Avenue, Surulere 101241.

Phone: 09125395185

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#2. Meenah’s Academy

This academy offers the best detailed and practical catering classes in surulere; such as baking classes, cooking classes, event planning classes, and more. The school provides students with the right culinary skills that make them stand out and secure catering opportunities in the industries, they also secure internship and employment opportunities for their trainees.

Their training is practical and they also give all the necessary support to start a business immediately, they are ready to hold your hand to become that super chef.

Address: 15 Idowu odunnuga street surulere 101241 Lagos.

Phone: 07060876145

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#3. The Waverest College of Hospitality Management

The Waverest College of Hospitality is of the largest catering schools in surulere. It is a project of the women’s board educational cooperation society. The institution focuses on the development of careers in the hospitality industry.

Student pay subsidized tuition of about just 25% of the original cost and they are coached in cooking, baking, and hotel management.

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#4. Chef Lynda’s kitchen Hospitality Services

Chef Linda is a Nigerian food explorer, food critic, and nutritionist. She runs a hotel, and restaurant service company located in surulere under which her catering school is operated.

As professional hospitality consultants, they offer guidance and solution to problems the hotel and restaurant may be having as a whole, improve or renovate the hospitality business, they are very passionate about food and its entire cooking, eating, tasting, styling, and meals and they also provide career guides for chefs at all levels.

Address: pilot Crescent,4, Bode Thomas street surulere 10001, Lagos.

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#5. Rubels &Angels-Food Court

Rubels &Angels-food a catering institute that focuses on coaching its students in cooking, baking, making parties, hotel management, and hospitality, they are one the best catering schools in surulere, they are good at what they do, they offer catering/culinary skills to the student who wants to upgrade your cooking skills.

Location details:52 Ogunlana Drive Surulere.

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#6. TFT Food Nigeria

they are into industrial catering, hotels consultancy, outdoor catering, event planning and management, office delivery, and occasional services and they are one of the best catering schools in surulere, they coach their student on how to cook for a larger number of people in a way that become professionally stable at cooking at any level they also focus on making Nigeria delicacies.

Address: 21 Akiyemi Cresent, Lagos, Nigeria.

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#7. Rosebuk Catering

this institution is a culinary academy where young people, students, and even professional chefs get degrees in catering skills like cooking, baking, hospitality, and hotel management.

Location details: Aina, surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

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Which course is best for catering?

There are various undergraduate courses and programs in the field of catering such as B.Sc. (Catering Science and Hospitality Management), B.Sc. (Catering and Hotel Administration), BBA in Hotel and Catering Management, and Bachelor of Catering Technology and Culinary Arts.

Which course is best in catering school?

All popular UG level courses are best in catering like BSc in Catering Science and Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, BSc in Hotel Management and Catering Technology, BSc in Catering and Hotel Administration, Catering Technology and Tourism, Catering Technology and Tourism.

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This Brings Us To The End Of This Article On Catering Schools In Surulere, You Can Start Your Career By Applying To Anyone That Soothes Your Personality And Is Also Convenient For You.