Top 20 Best Catering Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

Catering Schools in Lagos appear to be the most recognized, the best, and most populated Catering Schools in Nigeria. Most of these catering school is owned by private sectors and organizations.

In this article, we will be giving you the full list of Catering schools in Lagos for you to be able to make a choice, because learning how to cook, bake, and pastry from a culinary school will make you a professional, your type of cooking will be of a standard to compare to ordinary cooks around your versatility.

Many people dream to be world-class cooks, while many wants to take cooking to a level where there will be no competition but this can only be possible when you take your time and learn cooking from different professionals.

What is Catering?

Catering is the business of delivering food service at a slight site or a site such as a hospital, hotel, pub, cruise ship, aircraft, park, filming site or studio, entertainment site, or event venue for profit.

According to Oxford Dictionary, catering is said to be the provision of food and drink at a social event or another gathering.

What are the 20 Types of catering?

We have different types of Catering services which include:

  1. Restaurant Catering
  2. Transport Catering
  3. Airline Catering
  4. Railway Catering
  5. Ship Catering
  6. Surface Catering
  7. Outdoor Catering
  8. Retail Store Catering
  9. Corporate Catering
  10. Wedding Catering
  11. Social Event Catering
  12. Concession Catering
  13. Food Truck Catering
  14. School Catering
  15. Health Care Facilities
  16. Business / Industry Accounts
  17. Cocktail Reception
  18. Buffet Catering
  19. Sit-down Catering
  20. Petite Take-Away Buffet Catering

15 Reasons to attend Catering Schools

  1. Catering School will provide the opportunity to learn about, cook, and taste ingredients and foods from other cultures or tribes.
  2. Follow Your Passion
  3. Learn professional Catering Techniques
  4. Catering arts training gives you the skills you need to help create aesthetically-pleasing dishes in a safe and timely manner
  5. To travel the whole world
  6. Learn how to cock professional foods
  7. To become a business owner (Boss)
  8. To secure a job in a restaurant, hotel, and a supermarket
  9. To obtain a degree
  10. To maintain a good salary earning
  11. To become a celebrity chef
  12. To become more creative
  13. To study in state-of-the-art facilities
  14. To Further your Knowledge and expertise
  15. To learn from Professional Chefs Who Want to Teach You

What are the Secrets of catering

  1. Make delicious food
  2. Ensure excellent customer service
  3. Hone your ability to organize events
  4. Keep Attire Professional
  5. Ensure a sanitary environment
  6. Offer competitive pricing
  7. Keep profits high without sacrificing service
  8. Develop excellent management skills
  9. Keep business expenses low
  10. Develop excellent communication skills

12 Secrets of Caterers

  1. They don’t make everything from scratch
  2. They probably type a personalities
  3. They’re very aware of temperatures
  4. They need to be good at math
  5. Offsite work can be a big challenge
  6. Food and drinks are just the beginning
    Catering schools in Lagos
  7. They’re prepared for things to go wrong
  8. They may use you as a Taste Tester
  9. Foodborne illnesses make their business risky
  10. They travel with garbage bags galore
  11. Fluctuating food prices can affect them deeply
  12. They love the art of food and service

List of catering schools in Lagos

  1. Crumbles Chef Academy
  2. National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism
  3. Yetkem Institute of catering and Hotel Management
  4. DOF Institute of Catering and Hotel Management
  5. Victory Catering School
  6. El Royalithos Catering Institute
  7. Culinary Academy
  8. Double portions Culinary school
  9. Cmk culinary Nigeria
  10. La Cuisine Exotic
  11. Blossom Events Institute of catering and Events Management
  12. Wavecrest College of Hospitality
  13. Pretty dreams Catering School
  14. Field of Skills and Dreams VTE Academy
  15. The sense of Taste
  16. Spronks Cocktails and Bartending Schools
  17. Max Kitchen Culinary school and catering services
  18. May’s Kitchen and DL Catering School
  19. Lick and Sweet Catering School
  20. Cakes and Kitchen affairs Ventures
  21. Pere castle Catering Institute
  22. Moj Catering and Hospitality
  23. Tina Catering School

catering schools in lagos

Crumbles Chef Academy

CCA is the number 1 Catering school in Lagos and also the best culinary school in Nigeria, this academy welcomes students who are interested in catering classes.

Crumble’s academy develops and nurtures a chef’s mindset in every CCA candidate and graduate-fulfilled, influential professionals who understand the essence of taste in the ruling.

In case you are interested in applying for Crumbles chef’s academy classes here are their details; Tel: +234 803 338 7883 or +234 805 323 8578

National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism

NIHOTOUR Institute has the specific mandate of providing professional and technical skills, and also upgrading training programs to improve all levels of personnel in all dimensions of the industry and all professions and specializations, directly and indirectly, connected with the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism regulates/professional training in all hospitality and tourism Institutions to guarantee that their activities are streamlined by specified standards.

Here are their details in case you want to enroll: Tel:+234 (0) 901 171 7171

Yetkem Institute of catering and Hotel Management

This Catering school trains its students online and its also for all schools in the public sector as well as the confidential sector in Lagos State.

This is a cooperative project between The Government of Lagos State, through the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science & Technology with Global Education Media (Nig.) Limited as an element of the modernization measure in the education sector.

Contact them if you are interested in what they do; Tel: (+234) 803 323 2771 or (+234) 818 760 9231

DOF Institute of Catering and Hotel Management

DOF is Nigeria’s Premier Hospitality & Vocational School. Enrolling Year-round in Certificate, Diploma, and Short Courses. DOF institute of catering hotel management is located in Lagos, Benin, Ibadan, and Port Harcourt.

They offer professional trainers, they will help you improve your skillfulness in catering, hotel management, fashion/textile designs, and event management

Contact info: Tel: 0803 633 6151

Victory Catering School

Victory catering school provides Specialized Catering and Hotel Management Services to customers that desire to employ our services for their hotels, weddings, occasions, programs, and more additional.

This Catering school offers diplomas, certificates, and special programs geared at providing you with the skills to guide you in the catering and hotel management career.

You can contact the school for more inquiries; Tel: 09035043481,08184749795

Double portions Culinary school

Double Portions Culinary School, is a great class to learn culinary skills at diverse levels of expertise. Kindly visit or call their number for more detailed information.

A Culinary school based in Ikoyi, Lagos. With over 30 years of experience in training, teens, young adults, expert chefs, and amateur cooks in the craftwork of fine dining.

Here are their available details if you are interested; Tel: 0803 325 2801

Cmk culinary Nigeria

CMK culinary consciously strives to be the best in catering education, revitalizing the hospitality sector of the economy and creating an acute sense of understanding of the immense employment opportunities Culinary Arts have to offer.

CMK vows to help you build a career in the world of Culinary Arts. Become the chef you’ve always desired to be by obtaining the knowledge required for completing wonderful cooking and pastries. It will be the best you learn from an award-winning institution they will teach you everything concerning culinary arts for devoted chefs and baking artists.

Don’t miss your opportunity to become a world-class cook contact CMK now; Tel:+234 0803-578-2455, +234 0702-660-0011

La Cuisine Exotic

This is one of the catering schools in Lagos state, they equally train their candidates to be the best among other catering schools in Lagos.

La Cuisine Exotic catering school is well equipped for catering lectures you can reach them via their Email: info@lacuisineexotic

Blossom Events Institute of catering and Events Management

Blossom events institute of catering and events management delivers in all aspects of catering, fashion, and decorations.

This institute is one of the best-recognized catering schools in Lagos and also in different parts of Nigeria.

Contact them here for all your event planning and also apply for catering classes; Tel: 08035324764

Wavecrest College of Hospitality

This is a private institution that takes catering as one of the most valued courses, Wavecrest focuses on bringing together capable young women interested in making a profession in the hospitality industry.

Wavecrest College of Hospitality is calling on persons interested in learning more about catering services to come and possess their possession.

Contact them if you are interested; Tel: +2349096856606

Pretty dreams Catering School

Pretty dreams Catering School is another top-ranking culinary school among the catering schools in Lagos and regardless of your background, graduating from pretty dreams catering school will make become one of the recognized caterers in your area.

They offer courses like culinary courses, Event courses, professional cake baking, pastry chef diploma, and party desserts course.

Here are the available details that will help you reach them; Tel: +234 803 303 4388

Field of Skills and Dreams VTE Academy

This is one of the best catering schools in Lagos and this particular institute is open to those who wish to develop professional skills to empower themselves to access industry positions or generate their own earnings or to patrons who wish to change the lives of unemployed individuals via TVET – lifetime technical, vocational, or entrepreneurship externship.

This school is now accommodated in a very big property and has 14 totally air-conditioned training rooms with accommodation to train over 200 people at once.

If you want to apply for catering classes contact FSD on: Tel: 07084911154

The sense of Taste

This school trains its students in classic skills, coupled with natural industry knowledge, forward-thinking, and an unquestionable passion for food and cookery. You can be one of their selected students to receive critical individual attention in a focused group with world-class direction in perfecting culinary art from Chef Peter Ayub.

During your second year in this school, you will enter the professional working environment and complete 2 practical in-service blocks at 2 different industry firms to cement your knowledge and skills.

Contact sense of taste chef school for more inquiries; Tel: +27 82 337 6240

Spronks Cocktails and Bartending 

Spronks Cocktails & Bartending School is an Academy for people who desire to go into the Beverage Catering Business, restaurants, Bars, and Hotels.

This school offers a wide range of courses, from bartending to cocktails, mixes, shakes, slushies, blends, etc. The course is a full practical class. All applicants must be 18 and above and must comprehend the English Language.

Contact them through this; Tel: 08055185518

Max Kitchen Culinary school and catering services

Here are services being rendered by Max Kitchen Culinary school and Catering services;

  • Surprise events planning
  • Hall decoration for meetings or weeding
  • Catering Services of any kind
  • Africa and Continental dishes
  • All kinds of Cakes
  • Small Chops
  • Snacks
  • Peppersoup
  • Asu
  • Barbeque
  • Cocktails

If you wish to reach out to them for more inquiries; Tel: 0808 596 2332

May’s Kitchen and DL Catering School

This is one of the best catering schools in Lagos that offers online classes to its students.

May’s Kitchen caters for your events, parties, and weddings and also offers apprenticeships in culinary and Residence economics. They are simply the BEST at what they do.

Contact through the following phone numbers; Tel: 0708 825 6563+2348181677995

Lick and Sweet Catering School

This is one of the catering schools that offers classes on African cuisine, continental dishes, baking, pastry, and cookery. Each program at the institution has a specific fee attached.

Lick and sweet catering school offer training as well pastry classes. They are not hell-bent when it comes to fees because they offer discounts for their trainees as well.

Contact them on these available details: Tel:+234 806 324 9085

Cakes and Kitchen affairs Ventures

Cake and kitchen affairs ventures catering school is an organization that offers catering and events decoration teachings, This is also an institution that delivers catering and occasions decoration education to individuals who are new to becoming experienced, as well as someone who wants to become skilled to enhance.

Contact Cakes and kitchen affairs ventures via Tel: +2348128137381

Pere castle Catering Institute

Perecastle Academy is a Ministry of education authorized academy for Culinary skill acquisition. They have accredited NABTEB and YABATECH affiliates.

This institute is a wholly indigenous institution dedicated to delivering the best culinary education and professional training to a dynamic species of caterers.

Here is their contact info; Tel: 08172764181

Moj Catering and Hospitality

MOJ is one of the popular Catering schools in Lagos, and also is the best catering school in Lagos, Nigeria, specializing in making wedding cakes, birthday cakes, sugarcraft, pastries, cocktails, and many more.

Maybe you have an event and you would want MOJ to handle the catering for your event, from cake baking, small chops, Africa and continental dishes, Hall decoration, occasions planning, food serving to any other activities that concern your occasion.

Contact MOJ for more information; Tel: 0803 930 0940

Tina Catering School

Tina Catering School is dedicated to providing helpful catering classes to help its students reach a better height in their profession.

This catering school also offers fashion courses to help add more value to its standards of training.

If you are interested in getting them to handle your events like birthday parties, weddings, and many others. contact them on: Tel: +1 587-926-1195

Catering schools in lagos
Teacher Helping Students Training To Work In Catering Chopping Vegetables.


Many other catering schools were not listed above due to the unavailability of information. Culinary schools are the best to learn cooking, baking, and any other thing concerning catering if you wish to become a professional.