Best Private University In Nigeria -Facts, Fees and Photos

Covenant University is the best private university in nigeria as per Study Nigeria’s recent research.

This article is not a promotional post as details are made available for every claim.

Covenant University is located in Ota, Ogun State in Nigeria. It is a private Christian university, affiliated with Living Faith Church Worldwide and a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Association of African Universities and National Universities Commission.

I was founded by Pst. David Oyedepo (Dr.) in 12 February 2002 and since inception, it’s founder has served as the councilor to the university under whose watch the university has witnessed great positive growth.

Dr. David is one of the most successful Pastors in the world, a Nigerian and an international figure in true leadership.

Best Private University In Nigeria -Facts, Fees and Photos

Below are facts and photos regarding to the said university.

The image below is the photo of Covenant university senate building which was completed before the commissioning of the university in 2002.

Best Private University In Nigeria
Covenant university senate building.

As the best private university in nigeria, Covenant university have maintained rank not less than 5th position in the rank of best universities in Nigeria which has over 150 universities listed.

Covenant university is listed in as the top and best private university in nigeria with Landmark university being the next private university in line. You can take a look at the listing here.

This school attracts international students and offers education in a system that works. It’s praises has been song globally by the tactfulness and performance of most of it’s graduates and this has let to the Nigerian people considering schooling here in Nigeria than taking the oversea risk for education.

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Below is the Photo of the landscape view of the university, an all-welcoming sight that gives deep breath of relieve when seen. Not just the look thrills me but for the fact that it suppports nature! I am an environmentalist if you care to know, I own and also the founder of Environment and Nature.

best private university in nigeria
Covenant University Landscape View

As the best Private university, you do not expect the looks to be abhoring do you? The looks are as good as the university itself; elegant, beautiful and welcoming.

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Students leave in the school hostels which are well furnished and kept clean always. The hostel environment is well homely and give the inhabitants the feel of life.

best private university in nigeria
Post Graduate Resident Premises

Recently the University released a report on it’s website which announced the school as the university with the highest graduate employment rate, that is to say that Covenant university graduates stand better chance of being employed in Nigeria. They scored about %83 followed by %63 of UNN.

Covenant University School fees start from 817,500 for some art courses including banking and Finance to 882,500 for engineering courses.

You can visit the school website to learn  more abot the school.