List of Top 10 Best Business Schools in Nigeria

So we know many persons have failed in business due to lack of knowledge and inability to maximize their profit, business schools in Nigeria were established to focus on educating these individuals on the importance of business profit maximization.

In Nigeria today, 87% of the country’s population survives through buying and selling which is the core of the business. This article will give you the full list of all the approved business schools in Nigeria, alongside their location, and intentions. And also answers to some frequently asked questions

The main aim for business schools is to develop and improve managers that can understand all important aspects of business and also take the risk of tackling any problem that surfaces while managing and growing their business.

What is a Business School?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a business school is a high-level educational college where students who are interested in business-related courses and commerce, such as economics, finance, and management apply to acquire more knowledge, skills, and also learn how to maximize profit.

Benefits of attending a Business Schools in Nigeria

Greater awareness of a global market

Enrolling in a business school gives you greater opportunities to get in touch with people from different parts of the world who have different experiences and viewpoints on the world’s global economy. When business school students learn from a professor they will find it very simple to expand their businesses and industries.

Expansion of your professional network

Earning a degree in business school makes you part of a global network of about 100,000 alumni, which will also give you access to noble and intelligent specialists you may not have had the opportunity to connect with. Aside from being part of the global network marketer, your opportunity to meet and build relationships with many professionals in the lecture hall and beyond.

Improving communication skills

Communication skills are another advantage when it comes to educating your audience on how good and effective your products and service are, making them feel interested or convincing them to patronize you. The communication aspect matters a lot in business and the lack of these skills has killed many companies and industries.

Better time management

Being an educated businessman makes you think less and also gives you enough valuable life skills as well. Business school students are trained on how to use their limited time effectively.

What is the requirement of business schools in Nigeria?

Business schools award a degree known as an MBA (Master of Business Administration) which is a graduate degree that delivers visionary and practical training for business or investment management.

However, when applying for a business school make sure that the school you are applying to is fully accredited to award an MBA degree.

You must have 5 credit passes which include, English and Mathematics in your secondary school level for Anglophone applicants, A minimum of three years post-qualification work experience.

A minimum of a second-class lower university degree from a recognized university in Nigeria or any part of the world.

List of top 10 best Business Schools in Nigeria

Below is the list of the top 10 best currently approved Business Schools in Nigeria

  1. Lagos Business School
  2. Executive Business School (EBS)
  3. West Africa Business School 
  4. International School of Management 
  5. Metropolitan School of Business Management, Lagos 
  6. Africa Business school
  7. The Delta School of Business and technology
  8. Faith Foundation
  9. Unitarian Business School
  10. GPE Business School Nigeria

Lagos Business School

LBS is the best business school in Nigeria, which has been ranked in recent times by the financial times of London among the top global providers of open enrolment executive education. Back in 2020, they ranked number one in Africa Financial times list, the school is listed among the top 10 global business schools on the economist magazine’s 2021 Executive MBA ranking.

LBS is a member of the Association of African Business Schools (AABS), the Global Business School Network(GBSN), the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), AACSB International-The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), alongside 220 leading graduate business schools worldwide.

School Fees: N3,600,000 per session
Address: Lekki – Epe Expressway Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tell: (+234)-(0)-8025015623
Visit Website:

Executive Business School(EBS)

EBS is a well-known business school in Lagos state with top quality accreditation, this school came into existence in 2007, with different variety of courses both undergraduates and post-graduate courses in the field of business management.

This school has built a relationship with notable and popular schools in the united kingdom and other parts of Europe and they also offer many professional courses, which includes Master of Law (LLM), Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA), MSc Accounting, MSc Corporate Governance and many more others.

School Fees: N3,600,000 per session
Address: 2nd Floor of NACCUIMA House,8A , Akinjobi Str., Ikeja GRA 101233, Ikeja
Tel: 070308215557
Visit Website:

West African Business School

West African Business school was registered with the Nigerian government on 7th May 2002 at the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC.1652834) as one of the business schools in Nigeria and also a private regional training institution.

This was established with the main aim of teaching and training individuals who are interested in growing a business and those who are already in the business field but find it difficult to promote and expand their business.

WABS is fully registered and well recognized by important government regulatory institutions such as the Federal Ministry of Education, Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Industrial Training Fund (ITF), and also Federal Ministry of Justice.

School Fees: N3,481,119 per session
Address: 2nd Floor Suite B201 Trinity Mall, #81 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.
Tel: +2348027922649
Fax: +2348143002943
Visit Website:

International School of Management

International School of Management has solid alignment with an international academic and experienced partner which happens to be their key strategy to achieving their aims.

They offer a wide range of undergraduate degrees in business, accounting, finance, and a variety of management specializations, and their postgraduate programs provide life-changing opportunities for students and working professionals, especially to sharpen their personal and professional skills.

School Fees: N2,558,461 per session
Address: The Action Knowledge Estuary (AKE), House 6, Gabriel Akinmade Taylor Estate, 2 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: +234 (0)8090890909
Visit Website:

Metropolitan School of Business Management, Lagos

MSBM has been recognized for challenging, engaging, and developing great minds all over the world. They have grown to have an online presence in more than 185 countries and over 500,000 learners in a single year.

Metropolitan School of Business and Management(MSBM) first kicked off in 2012 in Stratford, East London, and later focus on the Middle East and Africa (MEA) which was made possible with the help of technology.

This pathway college offers diploma degrees from regulated bodies that award degrees leading to degrees from United Kingdom Universities. This school has the intention of impacting 1,000,000 learners with quality, premium, and affordable British Education annually.

School Fees: N4,563,670 per session
Address: 54b Adeniyi jones, Oba Akran 101233, The Chesterfield Hotels, Ikeja
Tel: (+234) 9083520456
Visit Website:

The African Business School

This school was created many years ago to make it possible for young individuals based in Africa to find a training place that best suits their dreams.

African Business School is one of the best business schools in Nigeria offering quality and standard education, and skills that will help you grow your audience and also make profitable sales.

School Fees: range N3,500,000 per session
Address: Plot 108 4th Avenue Gwarinpa, Abuja Abuja, Nigeria
Tel: (+234)(0)8023109412
Visit Website:

The Delta School of Business and technology

Delta School of Business and Technology is a Nigerian business school created to help businessmen who are still interested in acquiring knowledge to promote and grow their audience.

This is one of the popular business schools in Nigeria and Africa at large, DSBT is a  guide for African students, to assist them to choose suitably higher education, how to finance their studies, and to guide and direct them through their destination countries.

School Fees: yet to confirm
Address: 1961 Delta Rd University Center, MI 48710
Tel: +1 989-686-9000
Visit Website:

Faith Foundation, Nigeria

Faith Foundation is founded by Fola Adeola(Founder & Pioneer Managing Director/Chief Executive officer, GTBank) in 2000 to enable candidates interested in starting up a business but got discouraged due to lack of knowledge, faith Foundation was created to teach them how to start, grow, and also scale their businesses.

This school targets to eliminate gender discrimination in Education and also increase the number of young and old who have talented skills and also give them opportunities to grow and mobilize globally.

School Fees: N3,456,000 per session
Address: 1st Floor, Lagos State Water Corporation, Water House, Ijora Olopa, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel:(+234) 7011305444
Visit Website:

Unitarian Business School

This school was built for all of us to learn together, our denomination will be enhanced and prosper. The college aims to produce a new generation of leaders that will provide us with a healthy future which is our denomination.

Unitarian business school is a national school that provides training, education, and development for all their candidates, which includes the ministry students, lay leaders, old and young people.

School Fees: not specific
Address:  Online
Tel: send a message on Facebook
Visit Website:

GPE Business School Nigeria

This is a business school that educates, and trains individuals, organizations, and even government to reach their personal, business, and also leadership goals via training, consulting and coaching. GPE aims to transform lives and cities through entrepreneurship action. a Christian business school that promotes godliness and good character.

School Fees: N3,481,119 per session
Address: 27 Nwafor Orizu St, Independence Layout 400001, Enugu
Tel: 08063393918
Visit Website:



what are the 20 reasons for Business Schools?

  1. To become business savvy
  2. To start your career
  3. To make sure no profit was lost (accounting and budgeting)
  4. To expand your network
  5. To unlock the entrepreneur inside you
  6. To change the course of your career
  7. To learn how to make investments 
  8. The luxury to stop and think
  9. For project management
  10. To learn management
  11. For excellent financial returns
  12. To boost your creativity
  13. Because it develops crucial communication skills
  14. To learn how to solve business problems
  15. To learn how to understand and also recognize your audience
  16. To reach a higher level in business
  17. To learn how to grow a profitable business
  18. To gain highly marketable knowledge and skills
  19. To build more on your education
  20. MBAs are great for career change and thriving business opportunities

How do I secure Admission to Business School?

For you to gain admission in an MBA there is a need for you to attend business school information sessions to gain experience and after that, you can then visit the website of any business school of your choice.

Who is the Owner of LBS?.

Lagos Business School (LBS) is a non-profitable foundation registered in Nigeria. LBS was established on inspiration from the teachings of St. Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei. This graduate business school of Pan-Atlantic University is owned by the Pan-Atlantic University Foundation (PAUF).


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