It is no more a news that the President of the federal republic of Nigeria in the person of President Mohammadu Buhari who left the country to London on a trip the presidency claimed to be an annual presidential holiday but could not come back on the supposed time of return is returning tomorrow.

We would recall that the supposed holiday leave which he went on was not totally official as he have already left the country before some supposed departments were told about his trip.

We would also recall that he was supposed to return to Nigeria from his London leave on the 6th of Feb 2017 but due to some medical excuses he has to write to the national assembly for the extension of his leave of which grant he got.

Nigerians have also rumoured strongly that the president has passed to the beyond and the rumour got a very wild coverage and was spread with joy showcasing the hate the Nigerian people have for him.

It is also clear that since his departure, the vice president osinbanjo, has been able to put somethings in place and reduced the hardship erupted by the Buhari led administration to a certain level and Nigerian are praying to have him continue as the president.

In all these, one may or may not wish that Buhari comes back, but in all, whether alive or death, we would know today.