I promised to give you a concise guide on how to create JAMB profile for the ongoing 2019 JAMB registration and process. The promise, I still remember and I am in to fulfill it.

I have assembled all the links you need to make this process a success and also to make it less difficult, starting from the email creation link, down to the profile creation link.

The creation of the JAMB profile account demands a valid email account so first of all, lets create an email account, click here to start. In case you already have a valid email account, lets continue.

Creating an email account is very simple, just follow the instructions properly. If the username you provided for account creation is already in use by another person, google will automatically generate usernames similar to the one you wanted to use and can choose from the list the one you wish to use. When you get to the box demanding for your current email address, don’t panic, since you don’t have an email before, just leave it empty and continue.

Once you have created your email address successfully, return to this page to continue the JAMB profile creation.

I hope we all know about the JAMB official website? but we will not be going just there now, I will personally walk you step by step on how to create jamb profile, we will be heading directly to the profile creation page which is also embedded in the JAMB portal.

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Once you are on the profile creation page (I will post the link below), check around the bottom side of the login box, you would see the “create an account” button to create jamb profile.

How To Create Jamb Profile

  • Click on the create account button
  • Input and verify your email address
  • Choose a security question and enter the appropriate answer.
  • follow the dialogue box prompt that will pop up to verify your email.
  • Visit your email address and use the link sent by JAMB to your email address to complete registration and create jamb profile.
  • when you are done, click here to join the JAMBITES facebook group so you would not miss our next update.


In a situation where you are creating the profile in a cyber cafe, please do not give them your email address details. JAMB will also send a verification code along the email they would send to you, give the verification code to the cyber cafe to continue your registration.

Once you are done with this stage, it is all done. If you have any questions, use the comment box.

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  1. I can’t use my valid email address to register,
    Why ?
    It keeps on displaying invalid email address, and am 100% sure it’s my valid email, the one am currently using

  2. Easily understandable, thanks Francis.

    This jamb profile creation have been giving many aspirants tough time…

  3. I have created a profile, verified my email and even paid the N700 for CBT centre. Please what’s the next thing to do? I started the registration on my laptop and have the application on my Windows phone. When I log in to the mobile app it asks for a pin. How do I get this pin?

    1. You get the e-pin from the bank or from an accredited jamb center.
      There are bout 3 banks offering the service at the moment.
      Union bank, Access bank and one other bank…

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