Mr. Collins Ogbonna the former SUG PRO who was one of the majors behind the recent FUTO protest has announced the continuation of the struggle until it yields a positive fruit.

Collins on his Facebook wall yesterday dropped another bomb shell. He argued firmly that FUTO resumption would be on the basis that FUTO has accepted to reduce the tuition fee by a considerable percentage.

According to him, there would be no resumption in FUTO until something is done.

Students who came across the post did their best to clarify their stand on the issue and from the comments by the students, a greater percentage were of the view that academic activities should kick-start in Ernest before further struggle.

Ogbonna Collins

Some of the students also advised that the issue of school fees reduction should be shifted to the next session but the issue still remains in who would lead the protest next session when the current leaders of the protest like Ogbonna who is in final year are gone.

The new campaign which Ogbonna took up to his Facebook account to announce was captioned “NO SCHOOL FEE REDUCTION, NO RESUMPTION.”

Below is a collection of some comments by other students on the issue.

Let’s not create more problems for ourselves by dragging this issue In this manner…….. Greater percentage of the students had already paid these fees……. If the school fee is reduced now and the students who had paid already are not refunded part of their money, this will definitely bring serious crises that will forcefully send us home again. This fee will probably be reduced if this agitation started at the beginning of the semester or even during the holiday period when nobody had paid. Hence forcing the management to do otherwise now is a near impossible task. They will rather decide to leave us to our fate till when we decide to calm down and corporate with them……. What we should be fighting for at this moment is the reduction of the school fees by the next academic session, ensuring that we won’t be forced to register courses at exorbitant amount, ensuring that we enjoy the amenities like the inter school shuttle, accessible Wi-Fi etc which we paid for and fairly charge for damage fees. The management whom we are at loggerhead with have nothing to lose on this matter. For the fact that the school is not in session do not stop them from receiving their salaries monthly. Please let’s apply wisdom on this to avoid being at the loosing end at the end of the day. -BY Gift Ohaukwu.

Well, I took my time to read 80% of the comments here.
Ogbonna , Yes we are all with you. But, considering the fact that you are a final year student, most people see it unfair to delay our resumption thereby lengthening our stay in Futo. I think we should resume first and at least give Futo mgt a chance to resolve all this PEACEFULLY. If they’ll reduce d fees, will they start giving everybody that paid their cash back or do online transfer? This session is almost halfway gone already. Like someone said, this should have been done when school earlier resumed not 3 or 4 weeks to exams. . I’m personally not in support of the #Noreduction #Noresumption issue, and I know a lot of people aren’t in support of that.
The best tn to do is to have a dialogue with the sch mgt, and have an agreement on how the fees next session will look like. Then if they don’t keep up to the agreement next session, we can now do the needful.
Try to understand my point. Thanks -BY Nwankpa C Samuel.

No problem, I will go and marry then anytime they are Ready to reduce the fees I will come back to collect my certificate…. After all who school cert epp…. #Futomustbebetter# BY Pretty Queeneth.

Futoites let’s finish the fight we started…. If at the end of the day we go back to the classroom without the reduction in school fee and other illegal reg. Then we’ve achieved nothing and most of us would be victimized…let us fight till finish line,moreover certificate neva help anybody, there are no job opportunities so why the hurry.let’s tackle the problem at hand for future purposes, if we don’t solve the problems now nobody will….in future other institutions would make reference to futo only if we come out victorious…I urge us all to use this time to acquire a skill or even make money so that after school we can be independent and make our society a better place…..I rest my case BY Kenneth Megwa.

Well, every futoite is entitled to his/her opinion. Nothing Good comes easy. Futo must be great again and in our time too.

We are not Relenting,we shall complete the fight we started,we can just PROTEST and nothing would be done.

We are only AGITATING THAT FUTO STUDENTS be treated like Queens and Kings like their counterparts in FUTA,UNICAL,UNILAG etc,with no EXTORTIONS of any kind,more banks,free WI_FI and interfaculty shuttle,steady power supply and a more healthier relationship between Futoites and the School Authorities.

Sacrifice a Little and enjoin forever,sacrifice today for our unborn generation’s sake.

“No REDUCTIONS IN TUITION FEES,No RESUMPTION IN FUTO.”CAMPAIGN was launched today 20th March 2017 at Futo Road Eziobodo with some students leaders in attendance. Membership is open to all positively MINDED Futoites.

Remember to Learn a Skill today to become an Entreprenuer tomorrow.

You can drop your own comments in the comments box below. Remember, it is not strike, it is mid-week break.