If you have been following the drama-like updates from The Federal University of Technology over the futo resumption date issue, you would agree that students have been kept on a continual suspense over the official resumption date and how much that was agreed by the school management for students to pay for damages.

This would be the fourth shifting of the resumption date by the university yet no one is sure of it realization.

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The school management recently released an official update concerning the futo resumption date and payment for damages which was claimed to be done by students on the 17 of February during the black Friday protest by FUTO students against the school management which lead to a violent display of inborn feelings.

According to the school management, resumption would take place in stages, all students will not be allowed into the school premises the same day.

The year one students are to return back to school on the 8th of may 2017 being Monday while the year two and three students are to return on Wednesday 10th May 2017. The fourth and final year students are to return a week after the year one students and that should be om the 18th of May.

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Students are to pay #12,500 for damages before the futo resumption date and this payment is to be made before resumption as the receipt would be presented for assessment and confirmation before students are allowed into the school premises (this would affect hostel occupants so dearly, so if you know you live in the school hostel, try your best to settle issues before returning to the school hostel to avoid being disappointed).

Also students are to present an undertaking of good behaviour during the check. You can check the image below for the official release as posted by the school authority.