We all know what joblessness always leads to, a popular adage says that “an idle mind is the devils workshop” and this is just a verified fact.


On the 17th of Feb, 2017 FUTO students went on a serious protest to showcase their anger over the unsatisfying attitude of the school management. This protest went beyond the calculated maximum and a lot of properties were destroyed.

Students are yet to agree that they were responsible for the whole damages as they argue that some thugs were hired to cause destruction and loot properties during the protest and this is staggering back the damage verification process.



The school management wrote an official report on the protest asking students to return a week after the incident which they said led to a one week mid-semester break and not a strike.

Later, towards the end of the week, another official announcement signed by the school registrar as at before, was released. The announcement stated that the mid-semester break was extended by extra two weeks to give time for a concise assessment of the damaged properties. This announcement left smiles on some peoples face anyway.

Students planned to return on the 13th of March which was supposed to mark the end of the extra two weeks added to the mid-semester break but few days before this date, another paper announcement was released by the school management with the official stamp and sign of the school registrar.

Well, this seemed to be getting out of hand, the break was going to last for a mount-plus, students who were still hanging around the school in the  nearby villages started to lose hope of hanging on until school resumption and travelling, the streets of Umuchima had less busy buzz indicating the emptiness of the lodges around. The always busy Eziobodo road grew less busy to confess the reduction in population, woe to the sellers who makes their daily living from their patronizing student buyers.

Now voices are up again, OFFICIAL SIGNATURES may sign again, mid-semester break gradually turning into months break and the average students forgetting to read up.