The school of environmental sciences in FUTO is one of the precious gifts FUTO have given to student and the world at large. It is made up departments that matter in the 21st century quest for development and real positive change. Departments like EVT dedicate their time in studying nature and securing the environment to sustain generations to come. A rare gift indeed.

School of Environmental Technology

  1. Building Technology BDT(190)
  2. Environmental Technology EVT(200)
  3. Landscape Architectural Technology (180)
  4. Quantity Surveying Technology QST(190)
  5. Surveying & Geoinformatics SVG(180)
  6. Urban & Regional Planning URP(180)

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School of environmental health habours all the health related departments in FUTO and is indeed a great Faculty!

Well if you care to know, they have a good number of girls. They are one of the Faculties that stream girls to FUTO.

 School of Health Technology

  1. Dental Technology, DNT (190)
  2. Optometry and Optical Technology, OPT (200)
  3. Prosthesis and orthopedic Technology, POT (180)
  4. Public Health Technology, PHT (190)
  5. Psychokinetic and Biomedical Technology, PBT or Biomedical Engineering, BME (180)
  6. Environmental Health Technology EHT(190)

 Note: New departments may have been created which are not on this list but we will try our best to update anyone we take note of.

CONCLUSION ON Departments in FUTO faculty of Environmental Sciences and Environmental health

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  1. Good day. I have diploma certificate in delta state school of health technology, three years course. Do i need jamb or direct entry to further my education?

    1. If you diploma result is good enough, then you can go for direct entry but if not, you may go for JAMB.

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