Best Universities To Study Medicine In Nigeria -10 Top

Here is the list of top ten best universities to study medicine in nigeria as researched and posted by Study-Nigeria. If you are a Nigerian student or an international student looking to study in Nigeria then this post will be very useful to you.

Best Universities To Study Medicine In Nigeria

I will like to state this clearly first, the criteria you should look at when choosing a university for a particular course in Nigeria should never be population; at times most over populated universities do not even have enough time to handle students well individually.

The criteria you should be looking at should include;

  • Result (seeking to know how good the students who graduated from that course in that school are)
  • Effectivenes (The effectiveness of the method of teaching such school apply)
  • Demand (what the university demands from you for best experience, like fees, time, resources, et.c)

I just listed the few above for some reasons, you should keep your nose on the ground to smell out the best in what ever decission you want to take regarding studying in Nigeria.

You should not jump into a university you may not be able to cope with the fees along the line and then drop out to waste the resources and time put in already. You can always contact Study Nigeria for help and guides whenever need be.

So now I hope you understand better how to rate the best universities to study medicine in nigeria if you are to make a choice.

Top Ten Best Universities To Study Medicine In Nigeria

  1. University of Ibadan
    University of Ibadan is practically the best universities to study medicine in nigeria and I can say with trust that they produce the best medical students in Nigeria.

    You cannot possibly talk about Nigerian Universities without mentioning University of Ibadan neither can you talk about health centers in Nigeria without mentioning the great UCH run by University of Ibadan itself.

    A walk through UCH alone will give you the convinction to live your medical school dream in UI.

  2. Obafemi Awolowo University 
    If I fail to mention Obafemi Awolowo university in the List of best universities to study medicine in Nigeria then this list is faulted.

    In OAU you will learn about several ailments sure unheard to you before and not just hearing their names but learning how to cure or tackle them with the best available techniques.

    OAU is a place to go for good medical studies in Nigeria.

  3. Ahmadu Bello University
    ABU Zaria is a good school when it comes to studying medicine in Nigeria. It is a Federal university located at the Northern part of Nigeria, Zaria to be precise.

    There is practically no other school in the North that can compete with the prowess ABU exhbits as regards doing it all well in the medical field. The health facilities present at OAU speaks volume of what they are.
    SEE: Ahmadu Bellow University School Fees.

  4. University Of Lagos
    Most people think this university to be state owned and ask why Lagos has UNILAG and LASU but the differece is that UNILAG is owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria and LASU is owned by Lagos State government.

    UNILAG is a popular school among admission seekers, different people have different reasons for wanting to study in UNILAG but for medical students, the reason is clear, UNILAG is one of the best universities to study medicine in nigeria and there is no debate on that.

  5. Lagos State University
    Lagos state university, a state owned University located in the heart of Lagos state is the only state owned university in the list of best universities to study medicine in nigeria and this is an amazing feat!

    The university just like other schools that handle medical courses has a teaching hospital but the difference is that it’s teaching hospital is exceptional.


  6.  University of Nigeria, Nsukka
    Popular known as UNN the university seems to habour the highest number od students in Nigeria but still tries it’s best not to perform below standard.

    UNN is a school that many schools in Nigeria look upto so they are not expected in anyway to fall below expectations.

    UNN has trained many medical practitioners in Nigeria and even abroad and it is still full time in the business of training up young doctors in Nigeria.

  7. University Of Benin
    Popularly known as UNIBEN is one of the best universities to study medicine in nigeria and this is very well known to applicants as many students scramble to gain admission into the university to study Medical related courses.
  8. University Of Ilorin
    University of Ilorin is also another school that is good for students who wants to not just answer doctors but be able to defend what it takes to be doctor.

    UNILORIN has facilities that will bring you to the light of the medical world.

  9. Covenant University
    You probably must have heard about this private university that breaks barriers in Nigerian education. Covenant University has risen up also to take a place in the medical sphere in Nigeria.

    Apart from being costly as a Private university which it is, Coveneant universitry strives to be the best in what ever it does.

  10. Niger Delta University
    This school is probably the youngest school in this list of best universities to study medicine in nigeria but it has made this list due to it’s show of energy and mean for business. It is one of the schools you can get a good as a medical student.
    SEE: Niger Delta University School Fees.

Some schools that did not make this are also good but we have exhausted the tenth count and would be cuting it off here.

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