It is obvious that over 90% of people who are going to seat for the JAMB UTME have already gone through the UTME application process and are patiently waiting after JAMB UTME for the reprinting of JAMB slips.

Now let me show you five funny things that would happen after JAMB registration.


  1. It is not a strange thing if I say that the JAMB 2017 registration was a hasty and tiring one, full of processes and protocols. You all witnessed it, so you can testify better than I. One funny thing that would happen on this effect is that after going through the suffering of JAMB registration most applicants would relax thinking they have conquered JAMB!
  2. Another on the list is the story of students who have been waiting to apply for JAMB UTME before starting to read. And the funniest part of it would be when they will go and buy JAMB past question papers and they want to read from 1997 till date (that’s 20yrs back). I bet you, they will not even cover the 199’s before JAMB UTME starts.
  3. Those students who think that JAMB questions will be like their class room questions will also believe to do guess work in the JAMB UTME exam hall and pass. Your story will change when you will see that the four or five options JAMB gives are always closely related, guess work will only get you more confused!
  4. Those of you that are still planning to hide foreign material in their body and sneak into the exam halls with it; its like you have not heard about the JAMB CCTV policy. Your father will stay in his parlour and watch you via NTA.
  5. Those of you that have uncles and aunties in JAMB centers and offices, if you like, use them and have hope. When they will on computer for you and connect you to the internet you will hear something like “Good luck Jude, I will meet you after the exam”. Don’t think they have forgotten how JAMB screwed them up during those days.

What other funny thing do you think would happen?? drop it in the comment box lets rate it.

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