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It was a bright morning; Mr. Akandu was sitting in his veranda shaving his beards, while observing his work with a mirror on his left hand. His wife came out from the door behind and greeted her but he ignored her and went on with his shaving. She made an attempt to greet him again but he interrupted her saying “Did I tell you I didn’t hear your first greeting? Please get inside and allow me shave my beards” he barked.

                AKANDU’S WIFE OGECHI

Mrs. Ogechi was Akandu’s wife. She got married to him seven years ago but since then, they have not been able to get a child and the whole blame was on her. She has gone to different places for the solution to her problem but all proved abortive. One of her friends once directed her to a so called pastor who told her to sleep with him for seven days and her seven years of barrenness will be over. Ogechi taught over the idea for a whole day and two, but she discarded it on the third day, saying it was immoral and forbidden.

After her husband barked at her, she went inside holding back the tears that were clouding her eyes.

She got the breakfast ready and served her husband’s share on the dining table but left her own share in the cooking pot. She did this because, for the past one year and few months her husband has never allowed her to eat from the same plate with him, he termed her a witch. She told him that his food was ready and went into the bathroom to take a warm shower.

The next morning, Ogechi made a list of the things that were needed in the house; she went into the bedroom to meet her husband who was dressing up to leave his shop.


Mr. Akandu was a successful business who deals on building materials and accessories. Though he wasn’t a graduate yet he made enough money to play along with successful graduates financially. On the other hand, his wife a Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) holder, was a primary school teacher who taught in a government school which was not far from their house.

Ogechi gave the list to her husband, he took it and glanced over it for seconds and asked her “How many children do you have that you are going to market with this amount of money, or do you have marine children whom you are feeding with my money?” He dropped the list on the floor and headed towards the exit door as his wife burst into tears. Then his phone rang on the bed and he went back for it. It was his uncle calling. He called to inform him that he was needed at the village by evening time. He stared at Ogechi who was still on the floor sniffing, then bounced off the room without telling her about the information he just got from his uncle.



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